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Claudia B.
“In Her Own Words ”

Recorded 11-3-02 at the ACA Convention in Lake San Marcos, Ca., Claudia B. shares her story “in her own words” of growing up in an alcoholic home. A heartfelt talk of recovery and perseverance by an adult child who has helped others find recovery in ACA. Don’t miss this inspirational speaker!

Doug B.
“Dealing with My ACA Family ”

Recorded 2-18-89 at the 3rd Annual ACA Convention in San Diego, California. Doug talks about returning home as a recovering adult child after an extended absence. He speaks of the old family rules and rituals. He tells how he was able to use ACA to be more assertive and loving of himself and family in their toxic environment. Doug’s experience, strength & hope may give insight and inspire those struggling with the trans-generational problems of family dysfunction.

Linda S.
“But You Hide It So Well ”

Recorded 2-17-88 at the 4th Annual National Conference of Children of Alcoholics titled “Bring Your Heart to San Francisco”. Linda gives an intellectual talk about adult survivors of physical and sexual abuse and explains some of the feelings, traits and coping beehaviors. A great talk for those coming from especially hurtful homes.

Pat M.
“The No-Talk Rule”

Recorded 3-31-90 at the 3rd Annual Conference of Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families titled “College of the Desert.” A licensed MFCC and long time ACA, Pat gives a thoughtful presentation about how the “No-talk” rule worked in his family, what he did about it then and what he does about it now. Audience members are invitied to pose questions, and the resulting interaction adds to this insightful hour.

Terry K.
“Linking Thinking”

Recorded 11-5-00 at the ACA Convention in Lake San Marcos, Ca., Terry K. bings humor to his story. Laugh with Terry as he recounts his past as an adult child, years of experience as a Therapist, and how he uses what he describes as “linking thinking” in his recovery. Terry offers many more useful items for your ACA Toolbox in this very informative talk.

Tom S.
“Fear and Control ”

Recorded 10-15-90 at the 2nd Annual Central California ACA Convention. Tom presents an enlightening hour that includes insights on fear, control, attachment and bonding issues. Tom tells about his cocaine addiction and explores some of the underlying emotions driving him to use and act out as an adult child.

Walt M.
“Working the ACA 12 Steps ”

Recorded 10-15-90 at the 2nd Annual Central California ACA Convention. Walt give an especially humorous talk that brings a lighter touch to a serious subject – ACA recovery and working the 12 Steps. A great way to spend an hour!