Since the last Teleconference Bonnie and I have communicated with IGs in, Florida, Pennsylvania, Australia, D.C,  a meeting in California, and passed an issue to European Committee.

There has been a debate about whether to use the GoogleGroup previously used to Help develop IG Literature, but as it is a free space for discussion and argument, it does not seem to me that it would be the best forum to provide assistance to, from and between IGs on IG business.

We also need to broaden the ‘people’ involvement so we become a fully active committee which allows IGs to discuss things with each other without spoiling the primary relationship with WSO.

I still believe that there may be active Intergroups not showing on the new Website: Please check and re-register if you need to.

Thank you to Bonnie for fielding much of what is asked.

Respectfully Submitted,

Martin C