Month: July 2019


ABC Proposal Guidelines ABC Proposals are an opportunity for meetings, Intergroups and Regions (groups) to bring an idea, issue, or concern before the entire international fellowship. Each year our World Service Organization...

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Crafting a Proposal Each year our World Service Organization (WSO) issues a Call for Proposals to all registered groups.  A Proposal is a vehicle for presenting an idea, issue, or concern to the entire fellowship. Once the WSO...

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IGSC Minutes 2019-06-22

ACA WSO: INTERGROUP SUBCOMMITTEE (IGSC) June 2019 Meeting 6/22/19 12pm-1:30pm ET (Minutes Taken by: Josh W) Over Zoom (Audio Recording)   Attendees: Tamara (IGSC Chair; MN IG) Josh W (IGSC Secretary; NCA IG; DC) Carole C (WSO...

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