ABC Proposal Guidelines

ABC Proposals are an opportunity for meetings, Intergroups and Regions (groups) to bring an idea, issue, or concern before the entire international fellowship. Each year our World Service Organization (WSO) issues a Call for Proposals to all registered groups.

“We recognize that our program operates within the Spirit of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions and that we must exercise judicious behavior in being of service to our fellowship.  We encourage all groups to embrace the needs of our global fellowship as a whole.  Proposals that are better handled at the meeting, WSO service body or Committee level may be directed away from the Ballot, based on discussion with the submitting group.” (From OPPM Section XX)

A proposal may contain up to 500 words and is formatted in three parts:

  • Issue – the specific action or change you are seeking from WSO, preferably written as a single statement.
  • Background or history of the issue – to more fully explain your group’s reasoning behind the proposal.
  • Argument in favor – explanation of how the action or change may positively impact the global fellowship.


Many issues might also be more efficiently addressed by the appropriate WSO committee, such as Literature or Website & Database, without waiting for the ABC and the proposal process. See the document in this same category called “Is it a Proposal or Should it go to a Committee?” 

Issues such as specific banking processes and insurance issues are examples of what would better be handled locally or by a WSO Committee. 

Proposals that would suggest a violation of the ACA Traditions will not be accepted, such as aligning with an outside entity or giving the ‘conference-approved’ designation to outside literature.


When proposals are received they are evaluated for global relevance. Submitting groups will be contacted if there are any questions.

The WSO adds an analysis for each proposal. All proposals then become part of a Ballot that is sent to all registered groups in January.  Groups complete the Ballot to help determine which proposals will be included on the agenda for discussion at the ABC in April.

If you have questions about drafting a proposal, please read the “Crafting a Proposal” document in this section.  If you need help putting your idea in the appropriate format, please contact the Ballot Preparation Committee at