During the Month of September, the committee worked on the following projects and tasks.

  1. Reviewed the Monthly Financial Statements for September which are now posted in the repository under Treasurer’s report. – Completed
  2. Wrapping up the transition of the Treasurer and Finance Chair’s duties and responsibilities from Pat H. to Bill D. – In Progress
  3. Filed for and obtained a sales tax exemption status with the State of Florida for the 2020 ABC AWC – Completed
  4. Restarted the 2018 Audit Review by contacting the auditors and connecting them to the accountants –  Completed
  5. Initiated a project to begin addressing the sales tax liabilities nationwide across both sales platforms due to recent legislation that allows states to collect sales tax on internet commerce whether the seller resides in the state or not. –  In Progress
  6. Worked with accountant to prepare a 4th Quarter YTD budget analysis. – Completed

In Service,

Bill D., Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair
Carol G., Monterey Bay I/G Secretary
Lucia S., CPA, 2020 Florida ABC AWC Host Committee Treasurer
Sherry H., Finance Professional