Group conscience and business meetings can sometimes become unmanageable. I have seen all too often a group conscience be taken that almost divides the group down the middle. The next week the group is half as big as before because some people feel their opinions were not heard and others feel guilty about voting one way when they did not have a strong opinion.

One tip I have learned is when the group is divided on what to do, that trying the new way for three weeks can quickly resolve the division as everyone then knows what it feels like to do the old and the new way. Often once the new way is tried, the people who suggested it can see that it does not work, or the people who resisted it can see that it does work.

As ACAs we are often afraid of change, as growing up change was often for the worse. When there is a time limit on the change it is easier to accept change and the meeting then becomes better. It is always better to come to consensus or to find the third way to resolve an issue.


Ruth H Los Angeles CA