This is H&I’s yearly report. We have filled approximately 1,000 orders for literature to hospitals, institutions, doctors and therapists, in 2019.

We have also been working on a ”Doctors and Therapists” trifold. This trifold explains how ACA and therapy can change an ”implicit” traumatic memory, to an ”explicit” healed memory. We have had input from two doctors, 4 therapists and several other members. It is still a work in progress and if you wish to help in this group effort, please join us!

Goals for 2020; To finish the above mentioned trifold and continue to send educational ACA literature to H&I clients. We also want to grow this important service population with at least 2 new members within the 2020 year.

H&I (Hospitals and Institutions) meets with MS (Member Services) on the first Wed of month @ 4pm eastern, 1 pm pacific.
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