Make a major impact on adult children learning to reparent themselves. The Loving Parent Guidebook subcommittee needs an illustrator/cartoonist to illustrate key reparenting concepts and make the guide’s aesthetic inner-child friendly as well as a Graphic Designer to design the guidebook’s overall layout. Illustrations and cartoons will be featured throughout the book.

To maintain a cohesive look throughout the book, The Loving Parent Guidebook subcommittee will select one person for each role, or if appropriate, one person who can serve in both capacities. The team bases its decision on what look/feel best fits the nature of the book and not on the talent or quality of the pieces submitted. We are grateful for your interest.

Project timelines: work can begin on some illustrations as soon as we find the right illustrator for the project (in May or June 2020). Graphic design work can begin once the second draft has been reviewed and edited (June-August).

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the committee through this form. Otherwise, you can use the form below to submit your entry.


  • An Illustrator/Artist to help make the guide inner-child friendly and effective through illustrations, artwork, and cartoons
  • A Graphic Designer to layout the guidebook once the content is ready for fellowship review


May 25, 2020, at 5:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.


Please submit:

  • A fun, artful layout of these words that would appear on a page discussing emotions: sad, hurt, angry, afraid, frustrated, lonely, vulnerable, ashamed, guilty
  • A creative interpretation (we encourage the use of fun elements like icons to represent the inner child and loving parent, playful versus straight lines) of a worksheet with 5 rows and these 6 columns: Event, Cause of Event, Inner child’s feelings, Inner child’s reaction, Loving parent’s message to the inner child, Inner child’s message to the adult in charge
  • A link (or sample) to the layouts you’ve created (flyers, book layouts, etc.)



We encourage simple illustrations that show cultural and gender diversity within the fellowship. For an example of a cartoon/illustration reparenting workshop participants have connected to, click here. Please submit:

  • A link or sample of your artwork/illustrations.
  • A single panel illustration/cartoon of the inner loving parent nurturing the inner child (your creative interpretation encouraged).
  • A four-panel cartoon/illustration in black & white of this situation:
  1. Panel 1a: Office cubicle. Worker at desk. Boss stands at cubicle entry. Worker faces boss. Boss: “I need you to stay late tonight.” Worker: “I can’t, it’s my anniversary and my wife and I have plans.”
  2. Panel 1b: Same set up as in 1a. Boss: “Aren’t you a team player?” Worker thought bubble: ‘If I say no, I’ll get fired.” Shoulders slumped. Worker: “I’ll call my wife to cancel.”
  3. Panel 2a: Office cubicle. Worker at desk with “Loving Parent in the House” desk sign. Boss stands at cubicle entry. Worker faces boss. Boss: “I need you to stay late tonight.” Worker: “I’d love to help and it’s my anniversary. My wife and I have plans.”
  4. Panel 2b: Same set up as in 2a. Boss: “Aren’t you a team player?” Worker: Upright posture. Thought bubble, “It’s okay to say no. You don’t have to deal with this, little Alex. I’ll handle any consequences, I’ve got your back. Worker: “Sounds like you’re in a real bind. Since tonight is out, what are some other options?”


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