WSO partners with Intergroups and Regions to host events that are open to the worldwide ACA Fellowship.  In order to facilitate this partnership, please note the following:

Responsibilities of the group requesting WSO partnership

  • Complete the initial form BEFORE advertising specific event dates to the public (see “Plan Your Event” information section first)
  • Have at least 2 people who are skilled in the back-end technical side of hosting Zoom meetings (WSO cannot promise technical support during the event)
  • Provide WSO with a central point of contact for the event
  • Use WSO suggested Zoom safety protocols before and during the event
  • Have all speakers/presenters sign a release for audio recordings and handouts to be placed on a WSO website (before the event) 
  • Provide WSO with a copy of handouts, if used, for posting online
  • Announce at the event that it is being recorded and an audio-only recording will be posted online
  • Consider making a 7th Tradition contribution to WSO, from the event, based on the percentage in WSO’s Where the Money Goes Flyer


Responsibilities of WSO

  • Provide a Zoom hosting account that can accommodate more than 100, up to 1,000, participants
  • Announce the event on the WSO Events Calendar and in the Traveler Newsletter
  • Provide the Intergroup/Region with a copy of the WSO suggested Zoom safety protocols
  • Provide the Intergroup/Region a link to the Speaker/Presenter Release form
  • Provide the Intergroup/Region with an audio recording of the event


Planning Your Event – To Partner with WSO, submit your answers to the following questions using this online form.

  1. Type of event
    1. Speaker Meeting – one or more speakers with no participant (may be opened to shares at the end)
    2. Workshop/Discussion Panel – one or more speaker PLUS interaction with participants (example:  Question and Answer time during the event)
    3. Other – please provide details
  2. How many dates are needed?
  3. If more than one date is needed, is this a series or repeated event?
    1. Series – Topic(s) spread across several dates – attendees will probably want to attend more than one to get the complete experience
    2. Repeated Event – The same event will be repeated on multiple dates – attendees will not have to attend more than once to get a complete experience
  4. What dates/times are you considering?  How long (each day) will the event last?
  5. What is the title or topic of the Event? 
    1. If the event is a series, are there “subtitles” or “topics” for the different dates?  If so, what are they?  (if known)
  6. Who is the primary contact for the event?  This will be the person responsible for interacting with WSO for coordinating the event.
    1. What is the email address for this person?  
    2. Is this person currently on the WSO Slack workspace.  (If not, an invitation to join will be sent.)
  7. Is the group willing to contribute a percentage of the 7th Tradition contributions to WSO?  (Where the Money Goes flyer has a suggest percent breakdown
  8. Do you have a list of speakers/panelists (for each date, if multiple)?  Are they willing to sign the Speaker Release Form so the audio recording can be posted online?
  9. Does your group have at least 2 people who can do Zoom tech support during the event?  (who will not be panelists or speakers)