The 2020 ABC/AWC is being held in Boca Raton, Florida, USA.


2020 ABC (Annual Business Conference)

Thursday, April 23 – Friday, April 24, 2020

2019 AWC (ACA World Convention)

Saturday, April 25 – Sunday, April 26, 2020

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2019 ABC Minutes

These are the minutes from the 2019 ABC. They are being posted very late. The full audio recordings were posted very quickly after the 2019 ABC along with the details of the ballot summary and actions. There have been 4 WSO Board Secretaries since the 2019 ABC. I ask...

AWC 2019 Service Related Workshops available for free download

There were a number of service related workshops at the 2019 AWC. WSO has posted these to our shopping sites audio download page for free download. The following talks are available: 2019 AWC Closing talk by Charlie H - Courage to Change ACA European Service Network -...

2019 Annual Business Conference Recordings

The 2019 Annual Business Conference (ABC) was held in Malmo Sweden on April 25 and April 26th 2019. These are the recorded sessions from the ABC that are being made available for the fellowship. Day 1 Thursday April 25 - Part 1 - Delegate Training Day 1 Thursday April...

ABC Report 19-5 (for April)

click to download

2019 ACA Annual Business Conference Summary

WSO is providing information on the 2019 Annual Business Conference in stages, so that information can be released as quickly as possible. Please return to this space to learn more. Here is a rough schedule: 1) Summary of official actions taken by the delegates and...

2019 ACA World Convention Closing Talk and Ceremony

We’d like to thank the Swedish Host Committee for their service in hosting a successful ABC/AWC. Adult Children from around the world converged in Malmo, Sweden recently for the ABC and 4th annual ACA World Convention.  Representatives from 24 countries were in...

2019 ACA ABC (Annual Business Conference) Presentations

Website and Database Report Distribution Center and Oversight Committee Report Finance Committee Report Treasurer's Report Service Network Committee Report Member Services Committee Report

WSO Committee Contact Information

Are you interested in joining a committee for doing service work ? Do you have a question for a committee or an idea that will help the fellowship ? Reach out to the committees here. [pdf-embedder...

2019 AWC Live Translation

A Dial in Number for AWC attendees to hear a Live Translation in the main AWC room will be used starting at 5pm. It will be English to Swedish, or Swedish to English as needed based upon the main speaker of the session.

APB ABC Motions

Safety Card Download the APB Motions for the 2019 ABC

2019 ABC Agenda

Here is the latest draft agenda for the 2019 ABC. Click to download


Click here to download a PDF of this report:


Click here to download a PDF of this report:

Final 2019 ABC Delegate Training Sessions 13-Apr-2019 and 14-Apr-2019

Please attend one of the delegate training sessions this weekend via zoom if you need to learn about being a delegate and or remote delegate. You can still sign up as a remote delegate at Lots of information is on the delegates...

The Delegate Binder of the 2019 ABC

Here is the Binder, supplied to the attending Delegation at the ABC, which includes: Important Delegate Information, explaining the workings of the Conference An introduction of the Board and the Structure of WSO The annual reports of the various Committees of the...

The Minutes from the 2018 WSO ABC

Here are the Minutes from the 2018 ABC in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

The Treasurer’s Report for the 2019 ABC

Here is the report from the Treasurer to be offered at the upcoming Annual Business Conference:

ABC Monthly Report, for March 2019

Download the latest report

Results of the 2019 ABC Ballot

The attached document gives the voting results for all 14 Ballot Proposals.  There were 232 valid Ballots submitted.  All "No Opinion" votes were not used for determining the results. Two Proposals will be on the ABC Agenda - #7 (ACA WSO Mission Statement) and #9...

ABC Remote Delegates Guide

Download the document here. This is a working document and will be updated based upon what we learn at the Delegate's Training sessions. [pdf-embedder url="" title="ABC Remote Attendees...

How Proposals on the ABC Agenda are Addressed

All Proposals on the ABC agenda do not automatically become motions. The process is as follows: 1.The Proposal is read by the Conference Secretary. 2.Delegates may briefly discuss its merits. 3.Any delegate may then choose to create a motion from the proposal, citing...

ABC Delegate Training Sessions Announced (includes Remote Delegates)

The Delegate Training Subcommittee and the Website and Data Base Committee will present delegate training-both for those who will be in Malmo and those who will be voting remotely. The primary training will cover how to prepare for the role of the delegate, which is...

ABC Report 19-3 (for Feb)

ABC Report 19-2 (for Jan)

Download PDF Report


The Ballot will be sent out to all groups on January 15th and the deadline for submitting it will be March 31st.  There are 14 Proposals on the Ballot.


ABC Comm Monthly Report to WSO, 19-1

The Remote Voting Delegate

The Remote Voting Delegate December 28, 2018 Remote Voting Delegates must register at the convention website like all other delegates. We have extended the March 31st deadline to April 13th. Y9u must attend a delegate training session to participate as a Remote...

ABC Report 18-12 (for Nov)

ABC Comm Monthly Report to WSO, 18-12 This is the monthly report from the ABC Committee for December

ABC Report 18-11 (for Oct)

ABC Comm Monthly Report to WSO, 18-11

ABC AWC Committee Report – April 2020

This was an extraordinary year, after all the plans were done and ready for the annual ABCAWC [in Boca Raton Florida] the world was hit with covid-19 which meant ours and many other conventions were  to be cancelled. In March it was decided to have the ABC virtually and at the monthly TC it was asked if there could be a virtual AWC.   Thanks to the IT committee for setting this up and looking after the techy part of this, the entire weekend was a great success with a few minor glitches.  And thanks to all the people who made this event possible,

The ABCAWC committee met today and because of some request to continue doing the AWC virtually we will be investigating the possibility of doing this.  We are also looking at starting a subcommittee with those who would like to be part of a technical team to help make this possible.

We as a committee have a few irons in the fires but it takes volunteers to make these events possible if you wish to join our committee please do. Don’t forget if all goes well with this covid-19 and we can meet again face to face  the 2021 convention will still be held in Boca Raton Florida next April…..

Anyone interested in purchasing this years convention coin can do so by pre ordering them at the WSO order page.
Thanks again for making the 2020 Virtual AWC such a success!!

Yours In Service,  Miles C   WSO ABCAWC Chair

2020 Virtual ACA World Convention

There has been a lot interest in doing a 2020 ACA World Convention. WSO has decided to schedule an online event the weekend after the online ABC this April. Register Here.

We are doing 13 Sessions from 10 am EDT Saturday April 25th until Sunday noon April 26th.  They include recovery and service related workshops and a number of speaker meetings. Each meeting starts every 2 hours and lasts 90 minutes with a 30 minute break in between. The final meeting starts at 10 am Sunday April 26 and ends at 12PM. That is 26 hours of ACA. The meetings are hosted by groups around the world. The theme is Global Connections Strengthen our Recovery.

Planning for the AWC is underway and is supported by the ABC/AWC Committee, the European Committee, the Members Global Sub committee and your WSO Secretary.

The sessions will be recorded and made available for free download after being reviewed and edited.

Please contact or for more information and visit the service website for updates.

Proposed Time Slots for the 2020 AWC Final Proposed Time Slots for the 2020 AWC Final

2020 Online ABC Agenda is Available

The Agenda for the 2020 Annual Business Conference is available.   You can download the PDF here.

This year’s ABC will be conducted April 23-24, from about 9 am-5 pm eastern US. This year’s event will be entirely online, in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis.

Delegates at the 2020 online ABC must do a new registration, even if they previously registered when an in-person ABC was planned in Florida. Those previously registered as Remote Delegates will also need to do a new registration. The registration deadline is noon eastern on Monday, April 20. Registration information is available at

Seven ballot measures have been approved for delegate debate during a recently concluded fellowship survey. Additional details about the measures are available at the Ballot Prep Committee page.  (Click here to view the Ballot Prep Committee’s full announcement)


2020 ACA Virtual World Convention Registration

The 2020 Virtual ACA World Convention  is 26 hours of ACA themed Global Connections Strengthen our Recovery. We are doing 13 Sessions 10am EDT on Saturday April 25th until noon EDT on Sunday April 26th. We plan on having recovery and service related workshops and a number of speaker meetings. Meetings start every 2 hours and last 90 minutes with a 30 minute break in between. The final meeting starts at 10 am EDT Sunday April 26 and ends at 12PM. The meetings are hosted by groups around the world. Find the agenda here.

The 2020 AWC (ACA World Convention) was a wonderful way for adult children from around the world to connect. Thank you for attending the event. Please check back as will be providing the audio recordings for free download after we have had time to get them ready. 

2020 ABC Online Delegate Registration is now Open

2020 Online Annual Business Conference

The Annual Business Conference will be held online April 23-24, by Zoom Teleconferencing.

Due to the Coronavirus emergency, the 2020 Annual Business Conference and ACA World Convention will not take place in Florida.

Important Information:

  • The 2020 Annual Business Conference (ABC) will be conducted entirely online through Zoom teleconferencing.
  • All Delegates, even those who previously registered as Remote Delegates, will need to re-register as an Online Delegate for the 2020 ABC being held on Zoom.  (see the link below)
  • The deadline to Register as a Delegate is Monday April 20th at 12 PM Eastern.
  • The hotel has cancelled room reservations.
  • WSO has issued refunds for all 2020 ABC/AWC meals, events, registration fees, and scholarship donations.  If there is an issue with your refund, please send an email to
  • Delegate Training information is available here

Even if you previously registered as a delegate (even as a Remote Delegate), you must register again for the Online Annual Business Conference. 

Register to be a  2020 ABC Remote Delegate Here 

Refunds for 2020 AWC

ACA WSO is issuing full refunds for all 2020 AWC purchases – this includes Registrations, meals, and scholarship donations. This is due to the COVID-19 emergency.  These refunds should be issued by Friday March 27th. If you have any questions about your refund, please contact

Some members have asked if part of their registration fee could be used as a 7th tradition contribution. We have decided to keep it simple and issue full refunds to everyone and ask those members to make a new 7th tradition contribution.

Just use the following URL to make a 7th tradition contribution on our shopping site. You can include your first name and “AWC contribution” in the memo field. We are grateful for our members’ support.

The 2020 ABC (Annual Business Conference) is still scheduled for April 23 and 24 2020. It will be a fully remote event. These plans are still being developed, check the convention website,  for updates and look for additional email updates.

Based upon fellowship feedback, we are looking at doing a remote Annual World Convention in 2020. We will also keep you updated on these plans as we have more information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times. Sending virtual hugs 😊

With Love in Service,

Your ACA WSO Board

2019 ABC Minutes

These are the minutes from the 2019 ABC.

They are being posted very late. The full audio recordings were posted very quickly after the 2019 ABC along with the details of the ballot summary and actions.

There have been 4 WSO Board Secretaries since the 2019 ABC. I ask for your understanding in the delay and hope that with the actual full audio recordings being available along with the proposal summary the impact to the fellowship was minimal.

I commit to having the 2020 minutes up by the June 2020 Board Teleconference.

In Service, Jim B – WSO Board Secretary

Download the PDF