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The sole mission for the Best Practices (Member's Toolbox) page is to allow registered groups, intergroups and regions to share what works. Individual members may bring their suggestions to this page to their group, intergroup or region for their consideration to add to this page. Individual contributions will not be permitted. All opinions expressed here are simply those of the group, intergroup or region expressing them. They do not represent ACA WSO. Take the best, leave the rest. Submit your Best Practice here.

Please note this is a public posting page only. Therefore no commentary will be permitted. All posts are subject to moderation by WSO and groups, intergroups and regions may also report an inappropriate posting to WSO by using the the contact page.

The WSO expressly reserves the right to delete or edit any posting that are deemed inappropriate to the intent of this page - to share what works.


Examples of Group Safety Statements

Please find below some example Group Safety Statements intended to address predatory or otherwise inappropriate behaviors in and around meetings.  These are provided as a starting point — your group may opt to use and/or...

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Addressing Inappropriate Behaviors

These are recommendations developed by the National Capital Area Intergroup for individuals and groups to address inappropriate behaviors (including Predatory Behavior) in their meetings and locals fellowship. Note: It...

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