Copyright Procedures and Guidelines

All ACA literature, including digital media, and the ACA logo are protected under US copyright law, and that copyright is owned solely by Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families World Service Organization (ACA WSO), Inc. No one, including ACA Members, Groups, Intergroups or Service Bodies, can legally reprint or reproduce digital media or excerpts from ACA literature without written permission from the World Service Office. (See exceptions “Items not needing written permission” below) The ACA WSO Board is responsible for licensing service structures outside of the U.S. and Canada, and for reviewing and/or granting permission to translate and publish copyrighted material.

With the introduction of the new publishing processes and once service structures outside the United States/Canada are licensed to publish copyrighted literature, the policy is to grant exclusive license(s) to one established Service Entity per country or service structure. The policy is based on the need to ensure the accuracy of approved translations and to support newer National Service Structures to achieve unity and provide services to ACA groups in their respective countries. The policy of granting an exclusive license to one Service Entity/Board/Committee (the licensee) per structure or country authorizes the licensee to protect the copyright and license in their country.

Assuring that these agreements are in order is critical to protect the integrity of the ACA message, and to the development of ACA structures in unity. We are available to assist you with these procedures, and encourage everyone contemplating or working on translations of ACA literature to contact our Translations Coordinator. You may also contact the Service Sponsor Coordinator of the European Committee.


License Agreements

In the near future we will have a two-step licensing process: The previous translation agreements will be replaced by the new license agreements. In order to safeguard the proprietary interest ACA WSO has in its literature, everyone involved in translating ACA WSO Literature must sign a license. These licenses allow ACA WSO to have a point of contact with the translation group since translation projects can take many months or years to complete.

License 1 gives permission to translate a particular piece of ACA literature and to circulate the translation for the purpose of validating its accuracy. This license is offered to ACA Members, Groups, Intergroups.

License 2 gives permission to create the print layout, to print and to distribute the approved translation by your national service body. This license is offered only to one Service Entity/Board/Committee of your country.

Note: Both license agreements are currently under development and are subject to approval by ACA WSO. Once approved, they will be uploaded.

Should a Group, Intergroup or Service Body disband, all materials produced must be sent to ACA WSO for safekeeping and ACA WSO may decide to continue the translation process when the resources are available.


Using the ACA logo

ACA WSO, Inc. holds the trademark on the names Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families and ACA, the logo art, and logotype. Your group or service body’s name must be printed directly beneath the ACA logo to distinguish it from material originating from the WSO. Any registered ACA Service Body may apply for blanket permission for specific uses. It is the responsibility of the Service Body to renew its logo permission after the expiration date.

Note: The Permission to Use the ACA Logo form is currently under development and is subject to approval by ACA WSO. Once approved, it will be uploaded.


Items not needing written permission

All registered ACA Groups, Intergroups, and Service Bodies have permission to translate and reprint the free downloadable English ACA Literature (basic texts and trifolds) and the free downloadable Public Service Announcements (PSA) (MP3 files) without having to submit a written request to the WSO. This does not include permission to reprint photographs on the ACA website. The translated manuscript and mp3 file must include the following in the language of the translation: This is a translation of ACA conferenced-approved literature. © [date of translation] Copyright Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families World Service Organization, Inc. All rights reserved.

The group, intergroup or service body is also required to provide a digital copy of the translated literature or translated PSA to the WSO. The digital copy of translated ACA literature and translated PSA must be in text format and should include the English-language name of the translated publication, the language of translation, and the Group, Intergroup or Service Body name and registration number. For translated PSAs we also ask you to send us a copy of the MP3 file. Please send the digital copies to [email protected].