The current ACA WSO Literature Committee projects strive to incorporate the following principles in their message:

  • ACA is a spiritual, not religious, program
  • ACA is inclusive of people from homes where alcohol and drugs were not present
  • Simple language that translates easily into many languages
  • Brief, clear and concise content (limited word count, avoided redundancy)


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ACA Bill of Rights

In February 2019, the Literature Committee created the Bill of Rights development team. The team is nearing completion of an ACA Bill of Rights for consideration as fellowship-approved literature. This is an important document, as many adult children approach life from a “less than” position.


The Bill of Rights Committee compiled 147 “rights” statements and surveyed the fellowship. The committee whittled down fellowship favorites to 20 statements. After further wordsmithing, they structured the list to be read as a narrative from early recovery to later stages. For example, Statement 1, “I have the right to say No,” to Statement 20, “I have the right to be happy, joyous, and free.”


Ready, Set, Go

The 2018 ABC Conference Approved Literature Ready Set GO!! (RSG) is an Introductory 12 Steps Starter Guide Book in final pre-publication editing.

RSG is an introduction to the ACA program, the ACA 12 Steps, and the Inner Child. Developed especially for newcomers, yet also helpful for experienced members. RSG may be done in 5 or 6 closed, 2 hour weekly meetings/workshop online, phone and/or face-to-face.

The structured and detailed material is a great way to gather together to gain more clarity and understanding of ACA, ACA Steps and the Inner Child. Also containing Ready Set GO!! One Day Event for those seeking knowledge of the ACA program using a workshop presentation in 7 or 8 hours.


Getting Started

In late 2017 the need was identified to better serve at least three distinct ACA audiences that have been imperfectly served by the Big Red Book: Newcomers, who must quickly figure out what is needed to get launched in their recovery; non-English communities, who struggle to translate long complex ACA literature; and sponsors/fellow travelers, who could benefit from an accessible reference in aiding newcomers.

The initial rough draft is in progress.


Loving Parent Guidebook

The WSO Literature Committee is near completion of the Becoming Your Own Loving Parent Guidebook (LPG) which supports adult children to reparent themselves. This experiential project was unanimously authorized by the 2017 ABC delegates and has been in development since December 2017. The fourth draft will soon move to the Literature Evaluation Subcommittee for evaluation. We estimate it will be published in 2021.

Once published, the LPG will enter “Fellowship Review Mode” for one to three years. During that time members can purchase a copy and submit feedback before it is eventually revised and submitted to an ABC for Conference approval. The LPG’s content, questions, and experiential exercises are intended to serve as a guide both for meetings, study groups, and personal recovery.

Spiritual Inclusiveness Working Group

This new literature committee study group held their first meeting on October 12, 2019. The study group focuses on how ACA discusses God and spirituality in its fellowship texts. The purpose of the group is to review existing ACA literature and consider alternative ways to discuss ACA’s spiritual dimension that are inclusive of all religious traditions, including those who are agnostic or atheists.


Sponsorship Guide

EXCERPT Connections:  Giving and Receiving Support in ACA Recovery – Download the NOV. 2020 Draft Here

A Guide for both those seeking and offering support in working an ACA program of recovery. The Sponsorship Study Team was formed after ABC passage of a 2017 ballot requesting a clarification of the Fellow Traveler and Sponsor terms along with some contradictory information in the Sponsorship Trifold and BRB Chapter 13.


The guide is organized to discuss the features of working together that are common to those seeking and offering support. It addresses a range of ways of working a program with others, supporting the understanding that different relationships work for different people at different times It also contains sections directed specifically to either the person seeking support or to the person offering support. A writing team is preparing an initial draft.


Therapy Trifold

The goal of a new therapy trifold is to introduce ACA to mental health practitioners. This includes describing “adult children” and summarizing the program of recovery and what “recovery” means. The information provided is intended to be sufficient for individual practitioners to easily discern how ACA can augment their treatment of clients. As a result, practitioners can intelligently suggest that clients investigate ACA, as appropriate. Practitioners will review the trifold to assure its usefulness before it goes into distribution.

Once this is completed and approved, WSO will encourage groups and intergroups to distribute it to practitioners in their areas.