Literature in Production
For current information on the status of Literature in Production, see the most current monthly report of the Literature Committee.

Here is the status of Literature in Production as of October, 2021:

Ready, Set, GO!! (RSG). Ready, Set, Go!! is a workshop guide authorized by the 2018 ABC. It is in final editorial and design review, after which it will be submitted to Literature Evaluation.

Getting Started. This book is a new text of approximately 200 pages emphasizing the first 12-18 months of recovery. The book is nearing the end of manuscript development with expectations of presenting to Literature Evaluation in 2021.

For information on this project, contact Ralph B. on slack.

Connections: Giving and Receiving Support in ACA Recovery (Sponsorship Task Force). This Guide addresses the range of methods of support in ACA recovery. The committee is evaluating responses from “first readers,” prior to revising and submitting to Literature Evaluation.

For information, contact Justine F, Chair, on Slack.

ACA Bill of Rights. A draft of the ACA Bill of Rights reader team feedback will be reported back to the submitters with recommended changes in October, 2021.

Safety Tent Card. Literature Evaluation is evaluating fellowship comments as of October 2021.

Mentorship Trifold. This trifold will be sent to a reader team shortly.

Boundaries Study Group. This group was established after the 2020 Annual Business Conference to create educational resources to help ACAs establish healthy,safe boundaries. The study group is currently in the process of reforming. Materials created by the study group are currently being used in WSO meeting #WEB0619.

Loving Parent Guidebook. The guide has been published and is in a three-year Fellowship Review mode. Members comments will be evaluated by the LiteratureCommittee at the end of the three-year period. Comment under this link