The WSO Board meets monthly in an open Teleconference on the Second Saturday at 2PM Eastern (11:00 Pacific Time). All ACA members are invited to attend the Teleconferences.

Starting on March 9, 2019 we will be using Zoom for the Monthly Teleconference. Access numbers can be found here.

The Meeting ID is 228 809 511. Telephone numbers for West Coast USA 669 900 6833  and East Coast USA 929 205 6099
Find a local number here.

You can also attend the Teleconference using your computer or smartphone.  Click here for information about zoom , you will need to install an App.  Or just click to  Join the Monthly Board Meeting via Zoom

The WSO Secretary provides the agendas for the Teleconferences and generates the Teleconference minutes for subsequent review and approval by the WSO Board.


Special March 14 Teleconference Discussion: Coronavirus and the 2020 ABC AWC

Saturday’s monthly board call will include an extended discussion of the coronavirus threat, and its impact on plans for the 2020 Annual Business Conference and Annual World Convention. On behalf of the WSO Board of Trustees, I invite you to attend Saturday’s call and share your thoughts
as we complete our review of options.

Like many we have heard from, the board has deep concerns about the safety of our fellowship, and of the general public. On Saturday, we will brief members on potential options that the board has identified, as well as possible consequences of each choice. We then will open the call to
fellowship comments. It is important to the board that we get a clear sense of fellowship thinking before we reach a final decision. That includes any additional options you may suggest that the board has not considered. The board also is continuing to work with the local host committee in thinking through our choices.

As a reference for Saturday’s call, the options considered by the board so far are listed here in the Coronavirus Options Document.

The board call starts at 2 pm eastern US, and meeting agenda is available at Zoom link is:

We will expedite normal board reports, so that we can get to the discussion about the ABC AWC and other coronavirus issues as quickly as possible. Please attend and participate if you can.

Thank you for your help and support,

Charlie H.,
WSO Board Chair

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