Hello all- 

Reports and Sales info includes (attached):  

1) May 2013 and May 2012 combined “Total Sales and Units Per Product” from Go Daddy “Quick Shopping Cart” reports menu, including “Legend” for interpretation of Sales report raw data,

2) Comparisons for “Total Sales/Units per Product” from previous months, June 2012 through April 2013,

3) Physical Inventory from June 1st for May Close

Other critical business:

> UPS WorldShip pricing roll-out into Go Daddy Quick Shopping Cart, continued from January 2013 forward-

As of 04/10/2013, we learned from GoDaddy they do not have plans to implement UPS pricing updates on QSC any time in the foreseeable future; as these updates translate to visible Shipping Rate discounts our customers would see over Shopping Cart, we moved forward to explore other potential options with UPS.

> Follow-up with UPS in April and May to determine a possible workaround via the QSC shipping options setup menu netted no result; UPS Tech was not able to determine a workaround to load pricing module info into Shopping Cart. As previously reported, GoDaddy’s failure to implement the UPS pricing module directly impacts shipping costs seen by the Fellowship member, especially for our International members. Office personnel continue to manually adjust shipping costs overcharges and to communicate with Fellowship members on an as-needed basis relative to shipping costs inquiries and adjustments.

> May Systems Downtime or delays

  • Follow-up from pc hard drive crash and hard drive replacement Monday April 8th – by mid-May, UPS Techs had resolved setup issues with the THub and UPS Worldship re-installs necessitated by the hard drive crash and subsequent repairs; from a labor perspective between April 8th to mid-May, it was necessary for office personnel to process orders manually as the THub/Worldship link was not available for the majority of that timeframe  

Misc Items: 

> UPS–   worked up shipping estimates for drop shipments for the Inventory of Finnish Texts from the Signal Hill Distribution Center to the Finn’s Intergroup; for final shipping numbers, the office is awaiting receipt from the Intergroup of a confirmed shipping address for the order such that UPS may supply an exact figure to the Finns, replacing the estimate .    

> Volunteer Service workers- We had one Volunteer Service Worker come the Signal Hill Office/Warehouse in May; no other individuals who approached the ACA WSO office to schedule Volunteer time have actually shown for their service work appointments as of yet. Two individuals subsequently found employment .

> Reorder of Fellowship Texts– the twelfth printing is on order from Bang Printing; the order of 6000 texts- plus overflow stock from Bang’s Fulfillment Center, will ship from Bang apx the first week of July.

> Inventory– We took a Full Physical on Saturday June 1st for May close-of-business; results were sent to Patricia and the Executive Committee.

> Weekly Distribution Center TeleConference w’Larry/Mary Jo/DiAnne- special topics and other business items have been detailed in previous weekly reports for call dates May 16, 23 & 30.

New Items:

>”GetMyTime” system constraints and entering of manual tracking info- sending in separate report to include history, overview and detail

Thank you,

DiAnne – and Vivian, Danielle, Kristina, Taylor, Trudy, Kim & Gloria