Intergroups Subcommittee

Our Purpose

Regions Intergroups Subcommittee Statement of Purpose: to give assistance, support, and guidance to forming, new, and existing Intergroups and Regions with planning, organization, and questions about protocol. It communicates inquiries and announcements between Intergroup, Region, and World service boards. A priority for the Subcommittee is to connect these service bodies with each other to share their Experience, Strength, and Hope. We offer a space to share best practices and tools among themselves.

When do we meet?

We meet every month on the fourth Monday for approximately one hour by Zoom teleconference at 12:30pm Eastern Time
Meeting ID: 870 7123 9393
Passcode: 90755
(Zoom 2)

How to contact us?

Our Members

Chair: Laura L.
Liasonal Members: Dove H., (Chair of Fellowship & Public Engagement Collaboration Committee)

Intergroups Subcommittee Reports

Intergroups Subcommittee reports to the Member Services Committee which reports to Fellowship & Public Engagement Collaboration Committee.
The reports can be found here.

Past Intergroup Reports 2021 and prior can be found here.


Visit the Committee

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