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Our goal is to engage and educate delegates and interested delegates regarding their role before, during, and after the Annual Business Conference (ABC).

A delegate is the elected representative of their ACA group (meeting, intergroup or region) who participates in the fellowship-wide decision-making process.

The worldwide fellowship of ACA is not organized. As a fellowship, we created the World Service Organization (in 1991) to operate the day-to-day business, such as literature development and production. Per the ACA WSO Bylaws (IX.4): The group conscience obtained from the delegates in attendance shall provide direction, recommendations, and/or Special Committees to the Board for conducting the business of ACA WSO.
Please refer to the Concepts for more information, particularly I, II, VI, VII, and XII.

Chair: Charlie H.

Board Liaison: Liz C.
Members: Erin D, Arjan, Brad H.

DESC meets on 1st and 3rd Monday at 6:30 PM ET

Check the Committees Calendar for our next meeting

Zoom Meeting Link:
Meeting ID:  826 0045 3517
Passcode: Delegate
Contact us at: [email protected].

The first Quarterly Business Meeting will take place Nov. 12, 9 am-1 pm eastern US.
Recording from the 5th November delegate training can be found here.
A previous Delegate Training was April 23 - click here for more information and session 1 recording

To download the document click here.



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