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Delegate Training encompasses the writings and workshops that support the Delegates as they fulfill their responsibilities. In this category,  among reports and other documents, you will find:
Getting Started. This document offers a broad view of the Delegate experience. 
The FAQ Sheet. Here are some current answers to some perennial questions. 
Before, During and After the ABC. This looks at the possible role of the Delegate through the year.
The Remote Voting Delegate. Information particular to the non-attending Delegate
The Ballot Proposals. The proposals sent to groups for their consensus vote.
The Delegate Binder. The reports, ballot items and new literature materials to be presented at the ABC. 
For assistance, please write to us at To register as a Delegate, go to 
The delegate training subcommittee is happy to announce the availability of the 12 Tradition Skits in free audio downloads.


The Call for Proposals typically closes at the end of November. Each Proposal, with the addition of an analysis from WSO, is placed on a Ballot and sent to all groups in mid January.  Each meeting group and Intergroup discusses and votes on whether or not a proposal merits discussion at the upcoming ABC. The proposals placed on the Conference agenda, are those that meet a 2/3rds tally of “yes” votes, from the groups that respond either yes or no,

The Proposals

As a delegate to the ABC, you may choose to assist your group as they address the ballot. You may want to consider various strategies for finding the time to find consensus. The voting is to be completed by March 31st. The strategy employed is up to the conscience of the group. Here are some suggestions:

  • Set aside time, after your meeting, to discuss proposals, a few a week.    Or…
  • Create a separate meeting outside of the regular meeting to find consensus on the proposals.    Or…
  • During the announcement break, take a set number of minutes for discussion and voting – 5 or 10 minutes. Continue each week until all proposals are addressed. (Also, it may be possible to extend the meeting the same number of minutes taken up at the announcement.)

Submitting Your Vote

To submit the vote of your group, it's easiest to follow these steps:

  1. Present, discuss and vote on each proposal; keep a tally of the group conscience results. The 2019 Ballot may be found at:
  2. Voting occurs online, at a Survey Monkey link. To register to submit your group’s votes, you will need this information on hand:
    1. Your WSO group registration number* (Meeting OR Intergroup OR Region)
    2. Meeting information (City/State or Country/Day of the Week and Time)
    3. Primary or Secondary contact information (Name/Email/Phone Number)
    4. The Submitters contact information (Name/Email/Phone Number)
    5. The results of the group conscience voting on the proposals

 The link to the voting survey is at:

Note:  There are time limitations that make it impossible to work out your group conscience while voting online.

*If your group or Intergroup does not have a registration number, you will first have to register with the World Service Organization, at, in order to vote.

Questions about the Ballot and Proposals may be sent to the Ballot Process Committee at

In service,

Erin D

February 8, 2019

Chair, Delegate Training Subcommittee


References to the OPPM which are in the Delegate Information section of the Delegate Binder have been updated. There were several additions to this section, which are: The Twelve Traditions and their meditations, The Twelve...

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