Category: Delegate Training

Delegate Training is a Sub-Committee of the ABC/AWC Committee. 
Sub-Committee Chair:  Cheryl F., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sub-Committee Vice-Chair:  Vacant
Sub-Committee Members: Mary Jo L., Illinois; Carole C., California
Our goal is to educate Delegates about their responsibilities as Group Representatives to the Annual Business Conference (ABC). 
The following are some available resources: 
Click here for the most recent ABC Resource page - Materials for use during the ABC
For assistance, please write to us at
The Delegate Training Sub-Committee (DTSC) is happy to announce the availability of the 12 Tradition Skits in free audio downloads.
We are currently working on writing an "ABC Delegate Handbook"We invite interested members to join our weekly working session on Fridays at 5pm for collaboration and fun! 
Our sub-committee monthly meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 3pm ET.