Category: Delegate Training

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Delegate Training encompasses the writings and workshops that support the Delegates as they fulfill their responsibilities. In this category,  among reports and other documents, you will find:
Delegate Orientation Checklist.  Updated -- Suggested reading list in order to prepare for the ABC.
Getting Started. This document offers a broad view of the Delegate experience.
The FAQ Sheet. Here are some current answers to some perennial questions.
Before, During and After the ABC. This looks at the possible role of the Delegate through the year.
Online Delegate Guide. Information particular the Zoom Webinar ABC experience that will be updated as needed.
The Ballot Proposals. The results of the Ballot sent to groups for their consensus vote.
The Delegate Binder. The reports, ballot items and new literature materials to be presented at the ABC.
Modified Robert's Rules of Order.  This will be utilized during the 2020 Online ABC.
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The delegate training subcommittee is happy to announce the availability of the 12 Tradition Skits in free audio downloads.