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Our goal is to engage and educate delegates and interested delegates regarding their role before, during, and after the Annual Business Conference (ABC).

A delegate is the elected representative of their ACA group (meeting, intergroup or region) who participates in the fellowship-wide decision-making process.

The worldwide fellowship of ACA is not organized. As a fellowship, we created the World Service Organization (in 1991) to operate the day-to-day business, such as literature development and production. Per the ACA WSO Bylaws (IX.4): The group conscience obtained from the delegates in attendance shall provide direction, recommendations, and/or Special Committees to the Board for conducting the business of ACA WSO.
Please refer to the Concepts for more information, particularly I, II, VI, VII, and XII.

Chair: Charlie H.

Board Liaison: Liz C.
Members: Erin D, Arjan, Brad H.


Delegate Training for the Feb 18 Quarterly Business Meeting

Zoom Information:

February 11: 10am ET & 10pm ET

Meeting ID: 941 6424 6705
Passcode: 90755
For dial in,  use the link to find your local number:


Training Agenda:

1) Overview of Quarterly Business Meeting: How Was it Decided to Have QBMs and What Purpose Might They Serve?
2) Closer look at the Feb 18 meeting agenda and procedure.
3) Tech process review, including polling during the meeting and Worldwide Online Voting.
4) Invitation to participate in ABC approved studies
5) Questions


DESC meets on 1st and 3rd Monday at 6:30 PM ET

Check the Committees Calendar for our next meeting

Zoom Meeting Link:
Meeting ID:  826 0045 3517
Passcode: Delegate
Contact us at: [email protected].

The first Quarterly Business Meeting will take place Nov. 12, 9 am-1 pm eastern US.
Recording from the 5th November delegate training can be found here.
A previous Delegate Training was April 23 - click here for more information and session 1 recording

To download the document click here.



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