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Committee Email address:

Thank you for taking an interest in the Proposal process and the work of our committee.

On August 1, 2021 the invitation to submit Ballot Proposals was issued to the groups, intergroups, and regions registered with ACA WSO. A copy of the email can be found here. COMING SOON

Please review the proposal guidelines found here, when preparing and submitting a proposal. The link to submit a proposal can be be found here.  COMING SOON

Please note that the deadline for submitting a proposal this year is September 30th. After September 30, the Ballot Prep Committee may contact you to encourage coordination with the corresponding WSO committee. Your group will then have opportunity to make changes to your proposal up until October 31.

Our Mission.

The Ballot Prep Committee (BPC) oversees the Proposal and Ballot process – educating the fellowship, calling for proposals, offering feedback, drafting analysis with the Board, encouraging translations, compiling a Ballot, eliciting the vote and comments, and tallying and announcing the results.

An Invitation, the Committee, and our Address.

The BPC will be happy to have your participation, please join us.

Presently our membership includes: Rene A. (MA), Mary Jo L. (IL), and Brad L. (MD).

The Co-Chairs of the ABC/AWC Committee participate – Liz C. (CT) and Karin S. (IL).

The Chair of the BPC is Jim R. (NY) and the Board Liaison is Jim B. (FL/CA).

To learn more about our efforts, to get involved, or if you have questions about putting your group’s ideas before the Board, a Committee, or the ABC Delegation, write to us at:


We meet to accomplish the tasks at hand. These tasks fluctuate throughout the Proposal year, which is measured from ABC to ABC. We do some of our work and correspondence on our Slack channel. We meet from time to time on Zoom.

Our Calendar, generally.

June / July:          Plan and prepare for the year ahead

Aug. – Oct.:         Focus on Proposals and hearing from the Fellowship

Nov. / Dec.:        Respond to proposals; prepare a Ballot; ask for translations

Jan. / Feb.:          Plan and produce Town Hall; prepare for voting

March:                  Voting

April:                     Tabulate and announce the results; report to the ABC