Volunteer Resource Committee

Our Purpose

The Purpose of the Volunteer Resource Committee (VRC) is to: 

  1. provide guidance and support for the volunteers of WSO, such as developing welcoming and educational materials, and healthy communication and leadership workshops, 
  2. be a resource for WSO committees with volunteer needs, and 
  3. promote emotional sobriety and healthy functioning in WSO committees.

When do we meet?

Starting on October, the VRC meets on the second Sunday of the month at 4pm ET on Zoom 3.
Meeting ID: 869 3807 5882
Passcode: 656656


How to contact us?

You can email us at: [email protected]

Our Members

Co-Chair: Jim R. (NY, USA)
Co-Chair: Laura L. (CA, USA)
Members: Kelle J. (FL), Carole C. (CA)


VRC TC Committee Reports

You can find our monthly reports for the TC and materials provided by the VRC Committee here.


Synopsis of WSO Committees (April 2023)

VRC Program flyer

To get the flavor of volunteering and the work of some committees, consider reading these Comline articles:

For one person’s journey to service at WSO click here.

For a glimpse into committee work click here.

For another member’s experience with doing service click here.

To listen to Volunteer Day which occured on Novebmer 6th, 2022 click here.

To download the Progam from 6th Novemeber Volunteer Day click here.



These are some programs offered by the Volunteer Resource Committee:

Meet & Greet
We invite WSO Reps, Committees Chairs and Trusted Servants to attend this fellowship opportunity, held prior (or sometimes in place of) each monthly Board Teleconference.
We provide a casual space to ask questions about volunteering, while promoting healthy committee experiences. Details may be found here: Meet & Greet flier

The WSO Volunteer Orientation Document
[in development]
This document will offer ACA members, who are just arriving to World Service, some clarity as
to the way committee work is approached, the role of volunteers, the structure of WSO, and the
rights and responsibilities of all participants.

Service Wellness 24/7
Service Wellness Program
An opportunity for members doing service to find fellowship and support through conversation in
a gentle and respectful atmosphere. We will find support through the sharing of our experience,
strength and hope with our colleagues.

Consider Service at WSO
[in development]
This will be an abbreviated program, like the one offered originally as ‘Volunteer Day’. With the
help of speakers describing their service journeys and WSO committee leaders explaining their
efforts, we will introduce ACA members to opportunities to be of service.