Category: 7th Tradition Contributions

The financial well being of ACA WSO is based on the spiritual principle of self-support. WSO relies on donations from members, groups, intergroups, and regions to meets its financial obligations. The primary responsibility for providing operating funds for the ACA World Service Organization rests with its members and service bodies.

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“After the group meets its monthly expenses and sets aside money for a prudent reserve, 60 percent of what is left over is usually sent to the local Intergroup and 40 percent is sent to WSO. A prudent reserve usually is the amount that equals two month’s worth of meeting expenses. The meeting expenses would include rent, utilities, and other group expenses.” ACA Fellowship Text, pg. 609

Thank you to all members and groups who send 7th Tradition contributions to enable World Service to continue its mission of carrying the ACA message to those who still suffer. Contributions by members to ACA WSO are tax deductible.

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