Nominating Committee

Our Purpose

" vet and identify ACA members, from throughout the full range of ACA's world fellowship, whose skills, experience, wisdom, program knowledge, and emotional sobriety support their ability to be Trustees. The Committee is responsible for forwarding qualified candidates (nominees) to the Board for consideration and selection as Trustees."

We are seeking Board and Nominating Committee members. See applications below.

Our Members

Chair: Denise R.
Members: Suzi B. Sue V. - Board Liason
Members emeriti: Greg R., Laura L., Jody O., Barbara B.

How to contact us?

You can email us at [email protected]

Nominating Committee TC Reports

You can find our monthly reports for the TC and materials provided by the Nominating Committee here.

Applications for Board of Trustees

Please familiarize yourself with the OPPM Section III & Appendix IV (you can find them in resources above).

  1. Guidelines for Board Service
  2. Application for Board Members
  3. Trustee Nominating Process
  4. Conflict of Interest Declaration
  5. Diversity Statement

Applications for the Nominating Committee

Familiarize yourself with the OPPM Section III & Appendix IV (you can find them in resources above).

  1. Nominating Committee Guidelines & Application
  2. Conflict of Interest Declaration
  3. Diversity Statement

Current WSO Board's Bio's

Learn About Board Service: Spotlight on the Board

Concerns for Board Fitness Input

If you have concerns about a Board member’s qualifications or have concerns about their emotional recovery in service, we want to know.   NomCom has developed a new process called: Concerns for Board Fitness Input.   Just click on the link,  follow the directions and we will investigate:
Concerns for Board Fitness Input.