If any ACA member has concerns about a Board member’s qualifications or fitness for service, they must direct their specific concerns in writing to the Nominating Committee at least 2 weeks prior to the ABC or QBM. In order for the Nominating Committee to further investigate, the concerned Delegate needs to:

1. State why they think the Board member is not fit for service.
2. Written objections must cite specific eligibility criteria that a Board member allegedly fails to meet.
3. Give specific and factual details about what had happened, when, where, and who else was involved.
4. Send concerns to: [email protected]

Next steps:
The Nominating Committee will respond directly to the submitter. Since the Board member had previously been thoroughly vetted, the Nominating Committee will be able to address most concerns.

If a member uncovers something that the Nominating Committee is unaware of, then further investigation will be done using the factual information that was given in the “complaint”. The Nominating Committee also reserves the right to expand the investigation to others who may be involved or have information.

In extenuating circumstances, the NC can hold off ratification to explore concerns.