Public Services/H&I Committee

Our Purpose

The primary purpose of Public Service is to provide information about ACA and the potential to help heal the effects of growing up in a dysfunctional family. The goal is to carry the ACA message to the general public, medical and mental health facilities and 12 step fellowships. These include doctor's offices, community centers, educational and professional communities, libraries, and corporations including wellness programs.

This is done through distribution of conference approved literature, public service announcements and participating in public events. Public Services cooperates with ACA meetings, intergroups and regions to share Public Services’ experience, strength and hope globally.

Our service work is done in the following areas:

  • Cooperation with meetings, Intergroups, and Regions to help support Public Information of ACA
  • Global Public Outreach - serves to create and maintain open lines of communication and carrying the ACA message to other 12 Step fellowships worldwide: AA, NA, Al-Anon, etc.
  • Public Outreach - serves to carry the ACA message through outreach to institutions (educational and health) and corporations, including corporate wellness programs and media public service announcements.

Hospitals & Institutions

  • ‘’Bringing ACA to Hospitals, Prisons, and Therapist Offices.’’ Here is the link for the audio.
  • An updated Therapist Trifold is now available for free download here or available to buy from the Signal Hill office. See the ACA website shop.
  • The committee is still working on procedures for bringing the ACA message to those institutionalized through H+I meetings and our new program, ‘’Correspondence Outreach to Institutions.’’ (COI).
    We have started to post on the Slack ‘’general’’ channel the jails and institutions who are requesting ACA meetings to be started at their institution. The idea is if an ‘outside’ ACA member in Blythe CA. sees that the jail in Blythe CA. is requesting an ACA H+I meeting be started there, they may be prompted into service and taking action in their local area.

When do we meet?

The Public Services/H&I Committee meets once a month on the 2nd Thursday at 1:00 PM Eastern

Meeting ID: 847 7068 8588
Passcode: 1978

How to contact us?

You can email us at: [email protected] or [email protected]

Our Members

Chair: Rich R
Members: Crystal P., Denise P., Gary S., Martie

PS/H&I Committee Reports

You can find our monthly reports for the TC and materials provided by thePublic Services/H&I Committee here.


- Download or view our slide deck from the 2022 AWC, you can listen to the presentation here.
- Check out our Public Service Announcements
- Hear about our New Correspondence Outreach Initiative for Adult Children who are Incarcerated or Institutionalized
- Members, members of Intergroups or members from Regions, for information on Public Service Announcements (PSAs) please see Public Awareness.