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2018 ABC - the following information is contained in this section (click on them to locate easily):  Ballot with Proposals for Group Voting, Ballot Results, Delegate Binder, Motions and results from the ABC, Recordings of the ABC, and the Draft Minutes.




Draft Minutes 2018 ACA_WSO ABC is a downloadable copy of the draft minutes from the 2018 ABC.  A final version of the minutes will be available in the 2019 ABC Delegate binder for...

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2018 ABC Motions and Status There were three types of motions presented at the 2018 ABC in Toronto: Ballot Motions that were the result of Fellowship Proposals that were voted on in the form of a Ballot.  Those that received 2/3...

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DTSC Committee Report March 2018

March Report from DTSC *Delegate Training We held one training teleconference on March 11 and will hold the second on April 8th. The calls briefly touch on training that will be presented more extensively at the ABC. Erin led...

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