Oral History Subcommittee

Our Purpose

The Oral History Subcommittee is charged with interviewing members of and individuals associated with the fellowship in order to gather and preserve historical information for ACA.

When do we meet?

The third Thursday of every month at 4:15pm EST on Zoom (with occasional exceptions).
Please email us to confirm next meeting time.

Meeting ID: 879 3186 4867
Passcode: 076406

How to contact us?

How to contact us:
[email protected]

Our Members

Chair: Joseph C
Vice-Chair: Open
Secretary: Open
Members: Joseph C., Gary M., Kristin A., Ashok K., Lennette H., Marcia J., and Laura L.

Oral History Subcommittee Reports

You can find our monthly reports for the TC and materials provided by the the Archives Committee here.

We are a Subcommittee of Archives.
Oral History reports to the Content Development Collaboration Committee.

Volunteer Tasks

Open Service Positions
Meeting Participation