The Concepts 2 and 6 Ad Hoc Study Committee

Purpose Statement

  • The Concepts 2 and 6 Ad Hoc Study Committee was authorized by the 2022 Annual Business Conference. The ABC’s exact motion was: To create an ad-hoc committee that will study Concepts 2 and 6 and report to the 2023 ABC on possible revisions. Delegates and the fellowship will be notified of the study and invited to join the ad-hoc committee.
  • The following motion passed at the 2023 ABC: We move to request a six-month extension, with a detailed update at the next Quarterly Business Meeting, to complete proposed revisions to Concepts 2 and 6, but to affirm that Concept 2 will define the Conference as the voice and conscience of the ACA fellowship.

When do we meet?

We meet 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:30pm-7pm ET via Zoom.

Meeting ID: 828 8626 7315
Passcode: 90755

How to contact us?

You can email us at: [email protected]
or on Slack message Charlie H or Kelle J

Our Members

Chair: Rotating
Secretary: Rotating
Charlie H, Kelle J, Josh W, Sue V, John R, Buddy S, Dove H

Concepts Study Reports

You can find our monthly reports and materials provided by the Study Ad-hoc Committee here.


Concept Study Materials

Presentation from the 2023 ABC can be listened to under this link
Slideshow accompanying the presentation is available here


Slack Channels

Slack Channel for questions about general interest channel: # - N/A
Locked channel for active committee business - 🔒 concepts_2_and_6_study_committee