Greetings Delegates, Potential Delegates, and Observers to the 2022 ACA ABC (and simply other interested Fellowship members)!

The Delegate Engagement Subcommittee is passing along some information here about the Ballot Proposal Voting outcomes, for ease of reference. Please refer to the attached to see, in order of most to least votes in favor of discussion at the ABC, the Ballot Items with the relevant Issue description. Please feel free to share this with your fellow ACAs.

Please note: Proposals need an affirmative vote of 60% or more to make it onto the Agenda ("No Opinion" votes were not counted) -- so all proposals except #'s 6 (only Regional Trustees) and 9 (not in favor of Only meetings) will be on the ABC Agenda.

For full background on each Ballot Proposal, please reference the ABC Ballot Proposal Committee's webpage:

To download the chart click here.
To download the Ballot Proposal Chart in excel click here.