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The Intergroups Subcommittee meets every 4th Saturday of the month noon-1:30pm ET on Zoom at

(Draft) Minutes of the IGSC 2019-05-25

ACA WSO: INTERGROUP SUBCOMMITTEE (IGSC) May 2019 Meeting 5/25/19 12pm-1:30pm ET Over Zoom (Minutes Taken by: Josh W)   Draft Minutes (to be approved/finalized next month’s meeting): DRAFT IGSC Minutes 2019-05-25 Audio...

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Intergroup 30% Discount

Intergroup Discount Program World Service extends a 30% discount in the Shopping Cart to Registered Intergroups that submit an application to register for the program. The hope is that this program helps Intergroups attract...

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Intergroup Subcommittee

    The IGSC was formed “to coordinate communications between established Intergroups in order to provide support for one another, enable Intergroups to provide support more directly with understanding and...

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IGSC report to June teleconference

Not a lot of activity this month; we continue to answer questions from and about Intergroups, reaching the Netherlands, New Haven & D.C. We have also invited John M from California and John V T from Arizona to join the...

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IGSC report May 9 2015

Since the last teleconference, we have answered questions from Pennsylvania/New Jersey . We concentrated on the issue of Intergorups not re-appearing on the new website. As they were ones which previously had warning triangles...

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