September 14, 2013

Opening: The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of ACA WSO was called to order at 2 p.m. EST by Larry A, Chairman, and opened with The Serenity Prayer.

Concept 9 was read by Larry A., Chair

Board members present: Larry A., Joan B., MaryJo L., Karen R., and   Vonnie G.; Allen C. was able to join the teleconference later. A quorum was established.

Committee Chairpersons present: MaryJo L., Treasurer; Ines, Spanish Groups and Spanish Translations; Vonnie G., Outreach; Joan B., Hospitals and Institutions; Diane A., WSO Office and Distribution Center; Majbrit M., European Committee; Martin C., Social Media Group; Scott R., ACA Website/Database was able to be on the call at the last of the meeting.

A. Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the August 10, 2013 meeting were approved as posted.

B. Monthly Reports:

1. Executive Committee Report: Joan B., Vice Chair reported spending $99 from the Executive Committee budget for software from the California Chamber of Commerce, needed to create the employee handbook as well as $99 that will be charged next year for a software update that will keep the handbook up to date in 2014. 

2. Treasurer, MaryJo L. reports changes made to our balance sheets to show the breakout for distributions. Two cost centers have been specified. Distribution Center costs and Administrative costs are now separated for the profit/loss statement. We’ve also donated the van purchased years ago for WSO business to the Make a Wish Foundation. The treasurer committee continues to make effort to resolve issues regarding the “GoDaddy” limiitations; pie charts of financial reports can be seen again on the website as well as a full Treasurer Report. Much thanks to Martin, Allen and Luke for their assistance with this committee.

3. Literature Committee, Larry A. reports about the experience of attending the conference, “Addiction and Its Effects on the Family,” held in Puerto Rico and states that as a result there have been a couple more pieces of ACA literature translated into the Spanish language. Further reporting came from Ines who expressed gratitude for the experience of helping represent ACVA at the conference in Puerto Rico, stating the event was both enriching and humbling. All but 2 chapters of the BRB have now been translated into Spanish, and she is working with Vonnie to establish templates to help Outreach responses in the Spanish language. Progress continues in translating some of the literature pieces for posting on the Repository. Leanne was unable to attend this teleconference, but Larry was able to contact persons regarding the progress of the audio version of the BRB. The board expresses appreciation for another donation that will help further its progress. And almost skipped, but remembered after the Distribution report, MaryJo L. tells us that the Meditation Book Project is still posted on the Repository for review and fellowship feedback until October 13, at which time, the draft will be pulled for finalization and go to print hopefully to be available by Christmas. She also made a call for artwork submissions from the fellowship. The full Literature report may be found on the Repository.

3. Distribution Center/Office, DiAnne A., reports that the re-warehousing task continues to improve efficiency in floor space with the addition of the new booklets, which are moving very well. Bang Printing has filed the claim on our behalf for books damaged in transit, with a projected 30-90 day resolution. Mention was made for the need of volunteers who live near the distribution center and Vonnie, WSO Trustee asked if might volunteers could help with Distribution Center tasks via computer even though living out of state. Diane stated the possibility of such. The full Office/Distribution Center report can be found on the Repository.

4. Outreach, Vonnie G., reports that besides responding to inquiries from all over the USA, Outreach has been able to provide information to 14 other countries. We also received an enlightening story of the ACA history in Russia as well as in Scotland. It’s very exciting and hopeful to hear of new meetings being established in other countries. Invitation to all interested in volunteering for service work in the area of Outreach was extended. The full report can be found on the Repository.

5. Website/Database, Scott R was not available for report at this time in the teleconference but report will be available on the website Repository.

6. Hospitals and Institutions (H & I), Joan B. reports sending BRBs to 5 inmates this past month. Full report available on the Repository.

7. European Activity Report, Majbrit M reports Holland now has an Intergroup; Denmark is working to establish an ACA Office in Copenhagen. There have been efforts in translating several ACA literature pieces into the Danish language as well as volunteers coming forward to provide service in an H & I Committee. She is also working to establish a link from their website with the ACA website in order to connect European countries. They have sold 500 of the 1,000 Red Books within 4 months of their purchase. Full report may be found on the Repository.

8. Martin C., Social Media Committee Chair presents a recommendation to the board to consider amendment to the ACA Eleventh Tradition. It is suggested the ACA Eleventh Tradition be amended to read: “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, T.V., films and other public media of communication.” This is submitted to the board to decide what to do with it and how to take it to the wider fellowship if it so wishes.

9. 2014 ABC: MaryJo L. reports some potential difficulties with securing the site in Chicago for the ABC due to cost, but hopes to contact one of the office staff members who has a relative who works for the city in Chicago and may have other possible locations to offer.


C. Old Business:

1. Item regarding costs of UPS drop shipments was withdrawn.

2. To create a budget and also establish an annual budget review process for when year-end numbers become available; (Original issue from May 2013) (MaryJo) item tabled until October as MaryJo will re-send the proposed budget for board feedback as at the time of this teleconference, no feedback had been received.


D. New Business

Motion #1 made by Karen, 2nd by Joan: That the Board validate for record, the sending of a cease and desist letter to persons who have sent advertisements and/or solicitations for the purpose of selling outside literature to our public points of contact.

Motion Carried (unanimous)

Motion #2 made by Larry, 2nd by Karen: That the Board validate for record. the Board’s specific concurrence to lower the price of the “Cross Talk” and “Good Enough” booklets from $4 to $3.50.

Motion Carried (unanimous)

Motion #3 made by Larry, 2nd by Vonnie: That the Board validate for record, the Board’s specific concurrence to include the “Cross Talk” and “Good Enough” booklets in the Literature Set and raise the price of the Literature Set from $6 to $12, and to add them to the New Meeting packet and raise the price from $15 to $21.

Motion Carried (unanimous)

Motion #4 made by Larry, 2nd by Vonnie: That the Board validate for record the Board’s specific concurrence to change the price of the Meeting Starter Kit from $35 to $41.

Motion Carried (unanimous)

Motion #5 made by Leanne, 2nd by Karen: That the Board validate for record the Board’s specific concurrence for an adjusted increase to cover the costs for the two banners we {needed} for the “Addiction and Its Effects on the Family” conference held in San Juan, September 5th and 6th, 2013.

Motion Carried (unanimous)

Motion #6 made by Joan, 2nd by Karen: That the Board approve changing the date for sending out the Ballot Request form, the cover letter explaining the balloting process, and the 2014 ABC meeting registration form by October 21, 2013

Motion Carried (unanimous)

Motion #7 was tabled until October’s teleconference

Motion #8 made by Larry, 2nd by Joan: The Board validates the specific concurrence to assign the additional responsibilities of staffing the ABC, the Web, Outreach and conducting research projects as assigned with additional time being between 6-8 hours a week depending if there is a research project to the Staff person who updates the meeting list and receives correspondence and deposits 7th Tradition donations.

After discussion for clarification, this motion received friendly amendments from MaryJo and Joan, accepted by Larry to read:

The Board validates for record our decision by specific concurrence to have one of our paid staff member’s duties expanded to assisting on specific Board tasks, such as ABC assignments, Website assistance, Outreach or H & I projects, etc.; This re-assignment of tasks and hours are proposed to add between 6-8 hours on the current schedule and wages for this staff person and are to be funded through the Administrative Cost center.

Amended Motion Carried (unanimous)

Guest Comments: Guests who chose to introduce themselves included Charlie from IL., Mona from Chicago, Maureen from CA., Elizabeth from WI., Petula from CA.; Scott, our webmaster who was able to join us on the latter part of the meeting stated encouragement and appreciation for the direction this WSO Board is taking. He also offered any needed assistance for the 2014 ABC preparations. Martin suggested that when the Board mentions the 2014 ABC that it would be helpful to include that it is being held in Chicago the last weekend of April. Allen made a clarifying point regarding motion #8 that this staff person will further assist the board on various projects will be a paid person on said projects.

Announcements: The next ACA WSO Board Teleconference Meeting is scheduled for October 12, 2013 at 2:00 p.m., EST

Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned at 3:21 p.m. EST and closed with the Serenity Prayer.

Minutes respectfully submitted by; Karen Ragan, ACA/WSO Board of Trustees, Secretary