ACAWSO Distribution Center Operations Report

For the month of: August 2014

  • Met with the WSO Treasurer and another Board Member to review site operations.
  • Approval for order of 4,000 Meditation books given. Markup and review of copyright page is pending.
  • Continued discussion with Bang Printing regarding quality issues associated with Hardcover Fellowship Texts, 12-Step Workbooks, and Meditation books. Also, working with Bang Printing to resolve prior billing errors.
  • Returned 15 cases of Newcomer booklets to Seaside printing to review and correct post-printing production problems.
  • Investigating USPS shipping options: Media mail can only be used if we have enough volume that warrants pickup by the post office.
  • Received one Electrician’s estimate to make needed electrical circuit changes in the warehouse and office. Additional estimates are in progress.
  • Completed August warehouse inventory.
  • Continued efforts to take and load product photos and descriptions into new XCART software.
  • Submitted initial absenteeism policy to Treasurer for review and ultimate inclusion in the Employee Handbook that is being developed.
  • Investigating online Human Resources Service firms as a less expensive alternative to hiring an employment attorney for Employee Handbook issues, etc.
  • Investigated new multi-phone options to improve ability of staff to respond to incoming customer calls. Approval for purchase has since been given.
  • Continued search for a used 4-drawer vertical fire safe cabinet to store key documents.
  • Plumbing repairs and repositioning of water heater overflow line completed.
  • Streamlined Excel-based office reports and reviewed them with Staff.
  • A staff member has been informed that she will require treatment for a major medical condition. Another staff member remains out on extended disability leave.
  • Processed over 550 orders for ACA books, tri-folds, and coins/medallions to customers.