Meetings and Intergroups Update:  As of the end of April, there is a total of 1,599 active ACA meetings worldwide.  And there are currently 59 active Intergroups. 

April Sales Comparison Reports and BBI Report

Click here for the Yearly Product Sales Comparison as of Apr 2016.

Click here for the Product Sales Comparison Apr2016_Apr2016

Click here for the BBI (Big Book Initiative) Report for April 2016


DC Oversight Committee and Staff Report:

The DC Oversight Committee (Ines Z., Bill D., Mary Jo L.) held two staff meetings since the last TC. We discussed the following:

    • There have been some internal inventory reconciliation issues with the shopping cart software and internal designations, but the staff has made some adjustments that seem to be working. Our hope was not to generate additional emails to customers because of those issues and it seems to be working.
    • There have been 5 Intergroup orders since the new discount went into effect.
    • As will be mentioned in the motions, we have hired a temp to help prepare for one staff member who is going out on short-term medical leave. We are also upgrading our internet service to make things run more smoothly.
    • We have had reports of damage to boxes from our large orders, but the internal contents mostly seem to be intact. The staff has started to add reinforcing tape to the outside of the boxes to help prevent damage.
    • As mentioned in the Finance Committee report, we are now using a less expensive alternate shipping company for international orders where possible.