At the 2018 ABC/AWC, the decision was made to create a working group dedicated to Addressing Predatory Behavior. This group has now launched and is meeting regularly

One of the goals of this working group is to start a fellowship-wide discussion about the issue of predatory behavior and the effects it has on the fellowship as a whole, especially its newcomers. Another goal is the development of resources for members, groups, intergroups, and newcomers to address predatory behaviors within the ACA fellowship.

Predatory behavior, as we understand it, encompasses a variety of behavior patterns that share the theme of exploiting someone’s vulnerabilities for the purpose of gratifying one’s own, often unacknowledged, romantic/sexual, financial, emotional, and/or psychological needs. This includes approaching other members, particularly newcomers at or around meetings, often under the guise of “offering” or “requesting” support to establish a connection, which then is taken advantage of for self-serving purposes.

Please stay tuned for further information on this important topic! If you would like more information or should you have a particular concern or situation that you would like to bring to our discussions, please email us at [email protected].

In service,

Karin S., on behalf of the APB Committee