Are you passionate about equity and inclusion?

Do you have ideas for how ACA can fulfill its commitment to creating “an atmosphere that reflects the diverse communities we serve”?

The Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Ad Hoc Committee is currently seeking members to help us explore these and other ideas related to all aspects of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility throughout ACA as a whole.

How can we ensure ACA meetings, literature, web resources, committees, conferences, outreach efforts and communications are welcoming and accessible for people...
...with physical and/or cognitive disabilities?
...from non-dominant racial and/or ethnic groups?
...of all religious, spiritual, and/or non-theist belief systems?
...of all gender identities and/or sexual orientations?
...of all ages and/or socio-economic classes?

Please consider being of service to the committee dedicated to exploring these (and many other) questions facing ACA today.

The committee is striving for diverse representation and particularly seeks members who identify as Black, Brown, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian/Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern/North African, Multi-Racial, People of Color, trans-gender, non-binary and/or gender non-conforming.

Please join us - email [email protected] for more information.