Hearing the serenity prayer recited in the various languages, towards the close of the online convention, was probably one of the most deeply moving experiences for me. My heart expanded and I felt so open and vulnerable.


I heard the serenity prayer spoken in Hindi which touched me. Then shortly after the prayer was spoken in Punjabi, by Satish, in a soft and gentle tone. Hearing it spoken in Punjabi opened me up and I felt I surrendered in that moment, I cried and felt l both opened- up and crumbled at the same time. In that moment, it was as though I could feel my prejudices (formed out of my family dysfunction experience) towards the Punjabi culture (of which I am from) slip away. I felt compassion and forgiveness takes its place. I cried so much, this was a deeply healing moment for me.


Being from the culture, hearing the serenity prayer in Punjabi got my attention and reached me to the core. I had been in ACA for a short while, however this ABC/AWC Convention and global experience is what truly opened the door to my recovery. Had this convention have been held in the US as initially planned, I would not have been able to attend so I am grateful this was made accessible online, it literally saved me!!! A truly HP experience. I feel that NOW I am in recovery, and in the SOLUTION. Thank you so much!