The complete ABC 2021 Minutes will be issued for review within 2 months of the completion of the ABC.

The summary from Day 1 can be found here.

All of the proposals will continue to be listed in the monthly Teleconference agenda so that the status of the items can be updated, particularly the items that were referred to the board.

A summary of the proposals is listed below grouped by how they were handled at the ABC:

Referred to the Board as motions were passed by the board that directly addressed the content of the proposal.

2021 ABC -- Proposals handled by Prior Motions



Addressed at the ABC by the delegates, even though of the motions were not discussed at all due to time constraints and were referred to the board 

2021 ABC -- Motion Summary Handled by Reps



Floor motions submitted at the 2021 ABC

2021 ABC -- Floor Motions