The Public Service and H+I Committee of ACAWSO is in the process of setting up the ''Correspondence Outreach Initiative'' (COI) program. The goal of this program is to connect ACA members who are incarcerated with ACA members on the outside.
We have received numerous letters from inmates who are requesting outside ACA members bring an ACA meeting into their Institution. We are hoping that if you live in one of these areas and are willing to be of service, you could help bring an ACA meeting into one of these institutions.

Here is the list of the jails and institutions we have heard from requesting ACA meetings:
Ironwood State Prison, Blythe, California
Valley State Prison, Chowchilla, California
California Medical Facility, Vacaville, California
CMC, San Luis Obispo, California
Chuckawalla Valley State Prison, Blythe, California
CTF Central, Soledad, California
CRC State Prison, Norco, California
California State Prison, Los Angeles County, Lancaster California

The H+I committee can help you with suggestions for how to set up an H+I meeting.
We meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 1pm Eastern on zoom:
Meeting ID: 847 7067 8588
Passcode: 1978
Or you can write to: [email protected]

You can also listen to our ''Bring ACA to Hospitals, Prisons and Therapists'' from the 2022 AWC here.