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The European Committee works to unify and carry the message to the fellowships of the European countries according to our traditions and concepts. The European Committee (EC) functions as a group of trusted servants elected by its members. The officers carry out the jobs and goals set by the European Committee. The EC is a standing committee of the World Service Organization of Adult Children of Alcoholics (WSO).

Our Monthly teleconference is hosted by Zoom the First Saturday of the month 14:00 (2pm) CET (GMT+1)

Monthly European Committee Report for March

Monthly European Committee Report for March  This month we filled two positions for trusted servants within the EC; the position of  EC Service Sponsor Coordinator      Irma R                 (Lithuania) from...

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Monthly EC TC agenda for April 2020

 Agenda for April 4, 2020 Monthly European Committee Teleconference (ECTC) Time: 14:00 CET The meeting is hosted via Zoom:  A. Call to Order Please be sure that any background noises...

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