Teleconference Minutes
March 9, 2013


The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of ACA WSO was called to order at 11:03 PST by Scott R, Chair, and opened with The Serenity Prayer.

Concept 3 was read by Scott R.

Board Members Present:   Scott R., Phyllis R., Joan B., Larry A., Mary Jo, Karen, Leanne, Vonnie.

Quorum established.

Committee Members Present: Scott, Website/Database; Phyllis R., Treasurer and Outreach; Joan, H&I; Larry, Literature;

                           A.   Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the February 2013 meeting were approved.

Karen was appointed Time Keeper for this call.

B.     Reports

1. Treasurer, Phyllis R: Seventh Tradition donations for the past month were $4,249. See the full report on the Repository on the website.

2. Literature, Larry A: It has been a very busy time for the Literature Committee. The Danish BRB is being finished and may be ready for the ABC. Mary Jo reported the Meditation Book is 80% finished. See his reports on the Repository.

3. Distribution Center/Office, DiAnne A: DiAnne was not able to be on the call today, so Scott presented a report in brief. Her report ion on the Repository. Sales were down some since January, with January sales being about 31 per day and February being about 28 per day.

4. Outreach, Phyllis R.: Phyllis reported information requests from seven different countries. Her full report is on the Repository.

5. Website/Database, Scott R: The number of registered meetings has increased to 1,151. Scott is working with the ABC Committee. Kelso continues to assist on the backend of the software. Scott’s full report is on the Repository.

6. Hospitals & Institutions (H&I), Joan: Joan reported orders continue to go out at the rate of about 4 per month. She listed the states where books have gone, with some going to inmates. Her full report can be found on the Repository.

7. European Activity Reports, Anja H: No report this month.

8. Executive Committee Report, Scott: The Committee authorized two items relating to the shipment and cost of shipment for the Danish BRB.

9. 2013 ABC Report: No report this month.

C.     Old Business

Item 1: Increasing the amount of a minimum order from $10 to $30 and include shipping and handling.  Tabled until more information available. To include shipping and handling costs in this price does not work because the system is not set up to price it this way.

Item 2: Obtain insurance for volunteer workers at the warehouse.  Tabled until the information just received by Phyllis on obtaining insurance has been studied.

Item 3: Increase the cost of trifolds from $0.20 each to $0.25 each.  Tabled until evaluation on other cost-saving measures, including a different packaging plan, can be made.

D. New Business

Motion 1: I move that we agree on some kind of a time limit/frame for the discussion of motions and monthly reports as well as guest comments at the end of the Board meeting. (Phyllis). Karen seconded the motion.
The motion carried. Five minutes will be allowed per report and motions, and 3 minutes each for guests.

Motion 2: That the revised PI letter (not offering any literature and referring them to the ACA is … tri-fold for free download) be posted on the list serve of Therapeutic Jurisprudence and signed by either Outreach or H&I  Committee (Larry). Phyllis seconded the motion. Karen stated the committee to sign should be under the H&I committee so Outreach Committee will be removed from the motion. Vote: Ayes carried.

Motion 3: To sell Tri-folds in multiples of 10, unfolded, and increase the price break for a discount to 20. (Larry) Seconded by Joan. Friendly amendment made by Mary Jo to put in package of 10 @ $1.80, with no subsequent discount. Vote: Ayes, 6; Nays, 0;  Abstain, 1.

Motion 4: To establish a new item that consists of 1 each of all tri-folds. (Larry) Leanne seconded.
Friendly Amendment: to sell for $2.70. (This is a new item) Vote on amendment: Ayes carried. Vote on Motion as amended: Ayes carried.

Motion 5: That the three (3) phone lines (the two (2) that are currently being used at the distribution center and the unmanned number) be transferred to Vonage. (Larry) Vonnie seconded the motion. Vote: Ayes carried.

Guests: Martin from the U.K. reported ACA meetings in all four countries of the U.K. Other guests were from Virginia, California, New York, Illinois, Montana, Oklahoma, and Russia. Dennis from Russia reported 50 meetings now in all of Russia.


Meeting was adjourned by Scott. The next teleconference meeting will be at 11:00 PCT on Saturday, April 13, 2013.
Minutes submitted by: Joan Bloom, Secretary, ACA/WSO Board of Trustees