WSO Web Site Status Report, June 2015

Confirmed a variety of user reported problems in meeting list search functions, both on Find-A-Meeting search function and Map Search function; sent specifics to Alexey (Centauria) for review and correction. Meeting List Drop down function appears to be an alternate alternative.

Discussed Meeting Update problems Gloria was experiencing with the new web site. Alexey agreed to contact Gloria to resolve issues. Gloria has since advised that the problems were resolved.

Received multiple reports of apparent interface problems between XCart and PayPal where refunds are not processing properly. MaryJo and Alexey continue to review and try to resolve these problems.

MaryJo requesting improved procedures/programs to complete monthly office product inventory. Sent proposed procedures to MaryJo and Alexey for completing this inventory. MaryJo and Alexey are reviewing this and other methodologies for this process.

Developed proposed prioritized list of action items needed for the new web site; sent list to Larry for review and subsequent discussion with the board.

Updated Repository to include a menu item/page for the 2016 ABC (initial context for page subsequently developed by Larry). Alexey has now reset the ABC menu item in the primary server menu to go to the 2015 ABC article in the Repository. The intent is to allow selected board and/or ABC committee members to update this article/page with new content in the future as needed.

Provided samples to Alexey of software used to support the 2014 ABC (done prior to the development of the new web site). Requested Alexey provide the WSO with an estimate to incorporate this function within the new web site (first phase of software needed by September).  

Added three events to web site Events page.