WSO Web Site Report:

Web Usage Highlights (from Google Analysis):
Overall September 2015 Activity was generally about the same as the previous month (August 2015) 

  • Overall inquirers (site visitors): 48,574 visiting the site, down only 1.4% from August.
  • Number of new inquirers: 61.5% of total visitors, basically unchanged from last month. 
  • Inquirers using mobiles devices: 43% of total visitors, basically unchanged from last month.
  • Higher Overall Bounce rate (percentage of single page visitors; those who left the entry page visited at the site without further interaction with the site): 63%, up from 60% last month.
    • Note: The bounce rate is still considered good by most in the industry. The concern is the apparent increasing trend in the bounce rate.  
  • Most visited pages (after home page): 
    • Lit-Laundry List, Find-a-meeting, and Lit-Problem (same top three as last month)
  • While most of the visitors are from the United States, we’re also getting a substantial number of visitors from other countries (131 different countries in total).  Here’s the top five:
    • United States: 81.5% of total
    • Russia:  4.5%
    • Canada: 3.5%
    • United Kingdom: 2.5%
    • Australia: 1%

Problems continue to be addressed with Meeting Update process.  Gloria and Centauria continue to identify and resolve the problems as encountered.

Various problems reported with the Shopping Cart.  MaryJo (Treasurer) and Centauria continue to identify and resolve problems as identified. 

New policy and related form proposed for requesting official WSO email accounts.

ACA Events page moved to Repository to simplify the updating process.

Web site updates needed to support the 2016 ABC Proposals and Registrations are still pending review.