Hospitals & Institutions Monthly Report
September 2015

Requests continue to come in, and be filled, for Fellowship Texts and 12-Step workbooks from inmates who have learned about ACA and want to have their own material to work with.

More emails were answered regarding H&I. These were forwarded to the H&I committee from the MPS committee.

A survey is being readied to go out to all registered Intergroups seeking their input for H&I.

Two more projects being worked on are a letter to be used to contact professionals in the treatment and information about setting up a panel for presentations to institutions.  These will be added to the H&I handbook sometime.

The H&I handbook has finished its review process and final edits and the Literature committee will complete the project.

Volunteers at the Intergroup or group level are needed to take meetings into institutions in their area. If Intergroups could compile the list of Libraries, treatment programs, psychiatric hospitals in their coverage areas, it would assist in making contact through a letter to those institutions and/or sending them a Fellowship Text introducing ACA. The letters may be able to be sent out with the help of the ACA WSO H&I Committee, but the local Intergroup could do it also. Of course, sending books out would be done by the distribution center.

Volunteers are always welcome on the H&I committee.

The H&I committee can be contacted through the “Contact Us” feature on the ACA website if anyone wants to learn more about H&I.

Submitted by Joan B

H&I Committee