The H&I Committee is continuing to send out information about ACA to hospitals and institutions. Since our last report, the H&I Committee has sent out information packets to 36 correctional facilities in the Southern half of Florida. We are planning to send to the Northern area of the state next month. Please let us know if you would like help sending information to facilities in your state by contacting us at

The H&I Committee would like to report that an H&I ACA Meeting is being conducted at the Susan B Anthony Women’s Recovery Center in Pembroke Pines, FL. The “My Life is Changing” ACA Group of Ft Lauderdale is sponsoring the meeting. The meeting is held every Sunday night at 7pm and is not open to the public.

The goals of the center are the removal of barriers for women entering addiction treatment, the prevention of foster care placement for their children, and an end to the cycle of addiction and abuse for families.

Since the center began in 1995, Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center has helped to reunify over 850 families and has provided the intensive services necessary to stop the cycle of family dysfunction and substance addiction for over 1500 children.

There are many women and children in shelters and centers like this all across the country. We can help them by taking a meeting to their facility. All it takes is one willing person and a Big Red Book and some ACA information. These people have no other way of finding us.

We can use help on the H&I Committee. If you want to help carry the message of ACA to women and men in institutions and facilities, please contact us at