The financials for June are fairly straightforward.  Click here to see the Balance Sheet.

The Profit and Loss Statement is missing our Accountant’s fees, which should adjust the Net Income down. 

For a list of 7th Tradition contributions, which totaled $4,195 for June, click on the Donations tab under the Treasurer’s Report menu item. 

FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Members Bill D., Jeffrey F., Melani M., and Mary Jo L., Treasurer

We completed and submitted the delayed 2016 budget to the Board and will soon begin preparing the 2017 budget. 

We have two motions that were passed recently that we are working to implement:  1) Establish an Audit Committee to hire an independent auditor – we will be sending our recommendation to the Board before mid-week; 2) Purchase two licenses for Quickbooks – due to the size of our datafiles, this purchase is more complicated than previously thought because the data has to be accessed from a remote server, presumably a cloud. That increases the cost substantially over what we originally thought, so we are working to determine what the extra charges will be.   

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Jo L.

ACA WSO Treasurer