The information here is intended to help delegates attending the Anual Business Conference (ABC).  Questions regarding delegate education can be sent to:  [email protected]

The Delegate Training Subcommittee was created out the 2016 ABC.  It’s purpose is to serve as a resource to help educate Delegates of groups and  Intergroups to the Annual Business Conference. 

To register as a delegate for the 2017 ABC, please go to:  To read shares from past delegates, go to:

Upcoming Events:

2 Delegate Education teleconference workshops are:
 • Sunday March 19 from 11a.m. – Noon (Pacific Standard Time) – FOCUS: Roberts Rules, Parliamentary Procedures and Know Your Ballots
 • Sunday April 16 from 11a.m. – Noon (Pacific Standard Time) – FOCUS: reviewing 2017 delegate binder.
 Dial in information for both teleconference workshops is:

712-770-4010 and access number is 281687#

2 In-Person Delegate Education Workshops (held in San Clemente, Orange County, California) will be held 6-7:15pm on Tuesdays March 21 and April 4, 6-7:15p. – The April 4th training session is cancelled due to illness.

We will review the OPPM and answer questions. Please RSVP to [email protected] if you are able to attend. Seating is limited to 12-15 persons.

Useful Links:

    • ACA_Delegate-Getting_Started_v_02.192017.pdf
    • 2016-17 Delegate Survey Report
    • Operating Policies and Procedures Manual (shown on the right side menu) 
    • Minutes from 2016 ABC (pending approval)
    • 12 Concepts
    • Robert’s_Rules-ACA.pdf
    • Parliamentary_Procedure_short_guide.pdf
    • Commitment_to_Service_ACA.pdf
    • Glossary_of_Terms_Delegate_Binder v02.19.2017.pdf
    • Q_&_A_Delegates.pdf

       Delegates Corner Articles in the ComLine

    • Comline First Quarter 2017, Page 7:

    • Comline Fourth Quarter 2016, Page 10:

      Terms that may be helpful to Delegates

      Parliamentary Procedure: a body of rules governing meetings and operations of organizations to allow deliberation in order to reach decisions with least possible friction. Robert’s Rules of Order and The Standard Code are two of the more common types of parliamentary procedures.

      Robert’s Rules of Order (RR or RRO): the most common form of parliamentary procedure commonly used by self-governing bodies.

      Right of Decision: gives our service leaders the right and responsibility to speak and vote his/her own conscience, in the absence of any contrary mandate, on any issue regardless of the level of service

      Right of Participation: allows the world servant voting representation equal to his responsibility 

      Right of Petition: assures us that petitions for grievances and the minority opinion are heard and properly acted on.

      ABC Committee : coordinates with the BPC, is responsible for ensuring the ABC is held in accordance with the Bylaws and OPPM and drafts the agenda for the ABC. It also reviews bids to host Annual Business Conference and provides guidance to the host committee each year. The ABC Committee is responsible for the plans for and running of the ABC; the host committee organizes the Annual World Convention which follows the ABC and it reports to the ABC Committee.

      BPC : Ballot Preparation Committee, currently a subcommittee of ABC Committee, is responsible for explaining the balloting procedure and sending the group conscience surveys out to registered meetings and intergroups. BPC participates in tabulating the votes when surveys are returned. See Section XX of the OPPM for more information.