The 2018 Annual Business Conference and World Convention

The Background:

The ABC Committee has been tasked with evaluating possible sites for upcoming business conferences; then offering a recommendation to the WSO Board, to aide in their decision making.

Currently, we have been reviewing bids to host the 2018 ABC.  As expressed to the committee, the conference is to be held outside the United States, every fifth year.  Bids have arrived from three cities – Vancouver, Canada; Toronto, Canada; and Newcastle, in the United Kingdom.

The Procedure:

As a means to find consensus, committee members were invited to take a general reading of the 3 bids and to rate their top two candidates, 1st and 2nd.  The goal was to narrow the field and to get a sense of which potential host may be favored.  Committee members were also invited to briefly comment.

The Results:

Of the 7 respondents, the first choice…

Toronto 6            Newcastle 1

The second choice…

               Newcastle 4       Vancouver 2       Abstention 1     

Evaluating the selections:  2 pts for 1st choice, 1 pt for 2nd choice… results in

Toronto  –  12 pts

Newcastle  –  6 pts

Vancouver  –  2 pts

The Next Steps:

The initial evaluation has led to Toronto and Newcastle emerging as the top bids.  Our next step will be to begin again, with a clean slate, comparing the two applications.  We intend to offer a recommendation to the Board before the February phone meeting.