Susan began by thanking the Board for extending the ABC and ACA World Convention by starting the ABC business meeting portion on Thursday. Having the extra day will allow the AWC convention portion to be started on Friday evening and it will allow for more speakers, workshops, etc. 

Susan shared that the website for the host committee was now live and could be accessed by going to, where registration information for both the event and hotel could be found. Actual event program information would be provided as it is developed.

A call for presenters was also posted with a deadline of December 15. Interested parties can go to the website and fill out the form. Susan then reported that the registration page should be live in the next week.

The committee will be posting a downloadable flyer in the next to week that can be accessed by intergroups or meetings to advertise and promote the convention.

Susan announced Marianna T. a member from Bulgaria that speaks about 4 languages including Russian, has volunteered to serve as the international coordinator for the host committee. She will be working with delegates that need housing, transportation from the airport, or anything that comes up with international guest.

The committee will also be launching a “traveling solo” outreach to provide support, information, etc. to individuals that may be traveling alone so they don’t feel “left out”. Susan extended a “holiday wish list” – a bold headline on the home page of the ACA website that would urge people to register and attend the events in April.

Susan closed by asking everyone to assist in spreading the word and to encourage participation for the 2017 ABC AWC. Adding that by getting registrations in early, the committee could better gauge the size of the event for improved planning. It was also encouraged to use SLACK as the communication tool. It has been very useful.