The H & I Subcommittee was still without a chair and if anyone is interested in chairing the subcommittee, please contact Bill D. MPS Chair at [email protected]

There were two people in Region 2 in California (San Diego and Orange County.) that have expressed interest in doing H & I work and, as such, they were referred to the Region 2 trusted servants (Carol & Laura). An H & I plan for Region 2 will be worked on. This will be the first Regional H&I Committee Structure. Additionally, in Denmark there will be a new H & I Chair.

A new H & I Committee is being formed in South Florida with the new intergroup that is starting. An H & I shipment of 10 BRB and 4 Yellow Workbooks was sent to a meeting in Pembroke Pines (woman’s shelter). Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.