In the month of December there has been much interest in the H & I sub-committee area as well as in the public information area of getting information to therapist. We have received emails from around the country asking about this process.

Delegate Training Subcommittee (Laura): Laura began by thanking Larry and Jim for getting the Delegate Information page posted on the website. She noted there had already been an inquiry from a woman in NJ that is interested in being a delegate for 2018. Her specialty is working with the ex-patriot population. Laura also reported that she visited with the San Diego Host Committee and shared information about what a delegate is and what the subcommittee was looking to accomplish with the upcoming workshop before and at the ABC. Laura closed by noting that full report was posted on the repository and any questions, comments or concerns can be sent to

Intergroup Liaison-Bonnie: Bonnie reported that the full report had not been posted on the repository, but would be shortly. In terms of activity, there had been minimal email traffic at for the month of November. Bonnie did note that there had been increasing activity on the SLACK intergroup forum. She added that another invitation would be sent out to encourage intergroups to participate. Additionally, the committee will also be working on verifying intergroup contacts which would likely be an ongoing project. Bonnie ended her report by notifying that one new intergroup registered for November.

Hospitals & Institutions –Bill: Bill began the report by mentioning that the H & I Subcommittee was still without a chair and if anyone was interested in chairing the subcommittee, to please contact him. Bill further reported that there were two people in Region 2 in California (San Diego and Orange County.) that have expressed interest in doing H & I work and, as such, they were referred to Region 2 Service Structure (Carol & Laura). An H & I plan for Region 2 will be worked on. This will be the first Regional Committee Structure. Additionally, in Denmark there will be a new H & I Chair. Bill informed that a new H & I Committee is being formed in South Florida with the new intergroup that is starting. An H & I shipment of 10 BRB and 4 Yellow Workbooks was sent to a meeting in Pembroke Pines (woman’s shelter). Please contact with any questions or concerns.

Anyone wishing to provide service the MPS Committee/sub committees, please email: or contact Bill D. on SLACK. Bill D. then turned asked the sub-committees members to report.