Outreach Report for September 2012

First of all, I’d like to welcome Vonnie as a member of this committee.  She is a professional who answers questions on email.  Today, she wrote to me that the templates we’ve been using are called a ‘clip tray’ so that individual answers that are the same can be copied and then altered when necessary.  She seems very excited to be a part of our team and I’m glad that Karen suggested the two can alternate.  There is also one other person Dan S. who is between houses and will join Karen, Vonnie and myself when he is settled. 

The total amount of emails that I received numbered 234 with 47 of them being sent to Karen for help in finding a meeting and or starting a meeting.  Some of the other emails were corrections for meetings, one was a correction for Scott to change in the Shopping Cart and others were sent on to Larry and Joan. 

I’ve asked DiAnne to see if sending some of the brochures directly to people would interfere with our income.  The ones I asked about are ACA Literature, Sponsorship, Suggested Banking and Financial Procedures and Meeting issues.  She responded that it would be better for me to refer people to the Shopping Cart so that they can purchase them on their own.  Thanks DiAnne, good suggestion.

Phyllis R.

Outreach Chair