Literature Report 

October 2012
Most of the time over the last month has gone in to getting the Commemorative Statement prepared, circulated, approved, and sent to the Printer.
The e-BRB accounts were transferred to an internal account for literature and treasurer use.
The Meditation Book Project is proceeding well with approximately 50 submissions having been received.  Just about 315 more to go!  For information, go to or please contact [email protected]
We have assembled a ComLine team.  Publication should resume early next year. 
Denise (VA) has agreed to layout the ComLine and Paul (IL) has agreed to be the Articles Editor.  
Audio BRB – Review has begun and the hope is to have the first review done in 7-8 weeks.
Circulation of Conference Approved Draft.  The drafts were or are being sent via e-mail and snail mail.  Received edits to both from Annie.
ACA Is… – Japanese translations is ready for posting on the website and production
The Updated Literature Policy pamphlet was circulated to the Board and revisions made and is ready to be approved by the Board.
Danish BRB – The layout person has finished the initial lay out and Jesper is reviewing it for completeness.
Moving forward with Drafting the “Public Information Literature” asked for by the 2013 ABC.
Spanish BRB – The committee is taking a short break and will resume in mid-late October
The Literature Committee secured a Word copy of the Spanish workbook and forwarded it to the Staff and webmaster for safe keeping.
The Literature Committee is looking for volunteers.  If interested, please contact the Literature Committee at [email protected].

 Sincerely yours in service,

 Larry A., Literature Chair

ACA WSO Trustee